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Jazz@1900 So Hot We Lose Power!

Saturday April 13 we hosted Waltrip's 13th Annual Jazz@1900 Festival. We had over 30 school bands come and perform as part of the festival, the Stephen F Austin Swingin' Axes, and the featured the great Wayne Bergeron with Waltrip's Jazz Ensemble 1. Mother Nature couldn't handle the excitement and we lost power just before Wayne took the stage! No electricity needed! Jazz 1 and Wayne lit the house up for an enjoyable and memorable night of music! Here he is at our dress rehearsal.

Congrats to the following groups who won Band of the Day Awards:

Middle School: Pershing Middle School High School: Willis High School Combo: Frank Black Middle School

All 4 of Waltrip's Jazz Ensembles participated in the festival, Jazz 1 playing host. Here are our results:

Waltrip Jazz 4: 1st Division

Solo awards to Kelsi Wilson- Trumpet and Johnathan Araniva- Sax

Waltrip Jazz 3: 2nd Division

Solo awards to Samuel Jones- Trumpet and Jason Colima- Trumpet

Waltrip Jazz 2: 1st Division

Solo awards to Abiel Ferrin- Alto and Angel Garza- Drums

Outstanding Soloist of the day:

Woodwind- Deizmin Shaw

Trombone- Angel Lopez

Trumpet- Mario Hernandez

Rhythm Section- Waltrip Jazz 1

The festival went very smoothly, and our students a wonderful job performing and representing our school hosting it! Thank you to everyone who was involved!


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