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The Waltrip Band is proud to provide our students a wide variety of performing groups to participate in. In order to be a member of special groups such as the Jazz Band, Drumline, or Colorguard, students must first be an active part of the Marching Band and Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band/Concert Band. A brief overview of each of our bands can be found below:


Marching Band


The marching band is comprised of performers that include instrumental musicians and the Colorguard. The instrumental musicians include: woodwinds, brass, and percussion (Drumline and Front Ensemble). Marching band is different than normal concert bands because it features musical effects, visual effects and a large group of student performers interacting to present an overall musical production to the audience. At Waltrip, the marching band is the premier group on campus year after year. The directors, staff, student leadership team, and members all work hard to achieve success during football half-time shows, parades, other events around the city and state, and most importantly Marching Band Competitions such as:


  • Katy Marching Contest

  • Lamar Consolidated Marching Contest

  • HISD Marching Festival

  • Blinn College Marching Contest

  • Waller Marching Contest

  • Region XXIII U.I.L.

  • Sam Houston University Marching Contest

Jazz I


Jazz # 1 performs continuously throughout the end of the Fall Semester into the Spring Semester. Jazz #1 plays all over Houston for various functions, including banquets, receptions, Church events, Houston Independent School District meetings, and City of Houston meetings. When not performing around town, Jazz #1 is practicing and competing in competitions at the University of Houston, Sam Houston State University, Blinn College, and Alcorn State University in Vicksburg, MS.



Jazz II


Jazz #2 has been in formation since 1991 when it was created to meet the demand of all the students interested in Jazz. It serves as an intermediate jazz group and is under the direction of Mr. Daniel Ferreira. Although Jazz #2 serves as a training ground for Jazz #1, it also performs at local functions around the school, and competes in several Jazz Festivals throughout Texas.


Jazz III/Jazz IV


Jazz III was started in 2008 and Jazz IV in 2010. These jazz groups are for younger musicians that aren’t as well versed on their instrument, but are interested in the art form known as jazz . Like Jazz 1 and 2, Jazz 3 & 4 also compete at a limited number of festivals within the surrounding Houston-area.




Wind Ensemble


The Wind Ensemble is the top-level concert group at Waltrip. The objectives and goals for this group are high, but members of the Wind Ensemble are well-versed, disciplined musicians that are serious about performing the demanding musical selections expected of this group. The Wind Ensemble’s main competition is the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest in mid-April. In order to join this group, band members must participate in UIL Solo & Ensemble, UIL Region, be an active member of the Marching Band, and audition for the WHS Band Directors.





Symphonic Band


The Symphonic Band is a medium-difficulty performing group. Members of this band are usually intermediate players that have experience on their horns, but may not be as disciplined or technically sound as members of the Wind Ensemble. Although no audition is required to join this group, students seeking to join the Symphonic Band should have some previous musical education.



Concert Band


This group is designed to train and educate young musicians who have an interest in performing, but have limited or no prior musical education. Members of this group play and learn during class time, but have no scheduled public performances or competitions. After leaving Concert Band, students become better musicians for the Symphonic Band.


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