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Note: Check the board in the bandroom for all daily rehearsals and upcoming performances. When times change, the bandroom is always up to date.


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The Waltrip Ram Band to Washington, D.C.

The Waltrip Ram Band has been invited back to Washington, D.C. to march in the National Independence Day Parade on July 4th, 2015. The band was nominated by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and was selected by the parade committee to be the band to represent the State of Texas! The trip to Washington, D.C. will take place as the bands annual band trip. The trip will include the Independence Day Parade, visitations to many national monuments, special performances and more! With the magnitude of this trip, the band needs your support!!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR DONATION LETTER PACKAGE! The payment plan for students does not cover the entire cost of the trip. We have set up a GoFundMe Donations page, any little bit from $1 to any amount will help! We accept cash or checks made out to "Waltrip Ram Band". The trip has payment deadlines to be paid to the treasurers that are as following:

****February 2nd, 2015- $75.00****

****March 2nd, 2015- $150.00****

****April 1st, 2015- $150.00 (or final balance)****

Click Here to Support the Waltrip Ram Band!!!


Upcoming Events

~Waltrip Graduation at TSU, 7 p.m. May 30th

~June 1-4 Band mini-camp 8 a.m- 4 p.m

~June 6th Band Walk-a-thon 7 am- 11 am

~June 14-18 TAMU-C Leadership Camp

~June 22-25 D.C rehearsal 8 am-4 pm

~June 29,30 D. C Rehearsal 8 am-11:30 pm

~July 1-6 D.C Trip

~July 17th DCI at the Berry Center

~July 29,30 Leardership Meeting

~August 3-7 Summer Band Camp 7 am-4 pm

~August 8th Ram Band Car Wash

~August 10-14th Summer Band Camp 7 am-4 pm

~August 15th Band Picnic

~August 17-20 Show Practice 4 pm-7 pm

~August 24th First day of School! Practice 4:15-5:45 pm


Recent Successes

~The band competed in the Region 23 conference 5A University Interscholastic League Concert/Sight-reading contest at Madye Creek High School in Katy, TX on April 9th. The two performing groups were the Non-Varsity Symphonic band and the Varsity Wind Ensemble.

The Symphonic Band under the direction of Mr. Mosley earned an overall Excellent rating on their stage performance and earned Good ratings overall in sight-reading. They were the highest overall rated HISD Class 5A Non-Varsity band at the competition.

The Wind ensemble under the direction of Mr. Espinosa earned Excellent Ratings for their stage performance and took home straight 1's in sightreading. This group was also the highest overall rated HISD Class 5A Varsity band at the competition.

We are very proud of the students as they demonstrate heart and effort in everything they do, even while maintaining excellent grades in all of their courses. We appreciate the instruction and hard work from all the staff, faculty and administration in support of the fine young student musicians. They deserve the best for all they do in representing Waltrip High School and Houston ISD.

~The Ram Band traveled to Mississippi for the Alcorn State Jazz Festival and recieved "Best High School Band overall"


Band Show Practice

Band, we will have show practice from 4pm - 7:30pm starting Monday, August 17th - Thursday, August 20th. It is very important for you to attend these rehearsals to have a spot in the marching drill. Please wear comfortable clothing, athletic-style shoes and bring your water bottle. New members should be here too and please know we are still taking newcomers. We had a great summer band, so let's keep it going. GO RAM BAND!!!!


Ram Band Music Mini Camp!

June 1st-4th and June 8th-11th, 2015

(8:00am to 4:00pm each day)


 Ram Band Parent Information

Greetings Parents! It's about that time again to get back into the swing of school and crazy schedules, and for all the new parents Welcome to the Ram Band. The Ram Band encourages all parents to join the Parent Club, it's a great way to meet new band parents and to find out what is going on with the band through the parent's side. If you would like to sign up, feel free to fill out a form and send your child with it to give it to the band directors or feel free to drop it off yourself and we will get you set up.(Parent/Guardian Contact form)

We also ask parents to help out with water donation as well. When we attend football games and marching contests, we have water for the kids that is donated by the parents. Although, we can never have too much water even in this Texas heat. If you would like to help out and donate water, we would really appreciate it. Please bring it by the band room.

Mr. Jesse Espinosa
Director of Bands
Waltrip High School


Summer Band Camp!

August 3rd - August 14th

Veteran Members: August 5th

(7:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday)

We would like to invite all new incoming members to attend our summer band camp which be held on August 3rd- August 14th from Monday through Friday at 7 am- 4pm. Returning members are to report on August 5th. We encourage all members to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Please bring water bottles to accomodate outdoor activities. Reminder to all members to bring instruments.


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